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About Taj

Literally born into fame, Taj Jackson appeared on a JET magazine cover as a newborn. The son of Tito Jackson of the Jackson 5 and nephew of the incomparable Michael Jackson, Taj was raised with a front row seat to the inner workings of the entertainment industry. At age twelve, he followed in the family footsteps by forming a musical group with his brothers Taryll and TJ called 3T

Soon after hearing their demo tape, Sony Music signed them to a record deal. Their first song, “Didn’t Mean To Hurt You” was featured on the soundtrack to the movie “Free Willy” which also featured a song by their uncle Michael, to whom they were extremely close. 

Beyond helping them with their career, Michael was an emotional rock for nephews, especially in helping them grieve for the death of their mother, Dee Dee Jackson, in 1994. In 2015, Taj and his two brothers created a non profit organization called the Dee Dee Jackson foundation, which is named after their late mother. More info about The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation at 

With the support of Michael, Tito, and the rest of the Jackson family, 3T was able to finish their debut album, “Brotherhood,” just a few months after the tragic loss. The album went on to sell over three million units worldwide and forced Taj to make a difficult career decision: stay in college and pursue a filmmaking education, or focus solely on 3T and his music. He decided to delve into both his artistic loves and began co-directing the group’s music videos. He also acted as creative advisor on the “Brotherhood World Tour” in 1997. Since then, he has continued to pursue his music as well as his directing. 

After Michael’s death, Taj shifted direction and proudly took on the role of being the protector of his uncle’s legacy. Michael was not just an uncle to Taj, but also a mentor and friend. Understandably, Taj feels the responsibility to defend his uncle against the salacious lies and rumors that still plague him, even in death.


Currently, Taj is shooting 4 part Michael Jackson series, Righting HIStory. While details about the project are being kept very close to pocket, rest assured that it will give Michael Jackson the final voice when it comes to how his own legacy is written for the HIStory books. 

Photo by Benjamin Kanarek for GQ Magazine

Photo by Benjamin Kanarek for GQ Magazine

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